The Trust’s work is steered by policies and procedures which set out, across all areas of our work, what we do and how we work. Policies and procedures guiding our work are developed in line with the requirements of relevant external bodies and approved by the Board.  

The policies and procedures which set out what the schools within the Trust do, and how they work, build on shared and consistent principles across the Trust as well as the requirements of external bodies. They reflect the circumstances of each school within the Trust. 

School policies are approved by the Trust Board or, where it has delegated responsibility, Local Governing Bodies or Senor Leaders.

The policies which schools are required to make available to the public on a website may be accessed through each school's website. 

Paper copies of school policies are available free of charge to parents and carers who request them. Please either use our contact form to do so or contact the Headteacher of your school.

Admissions policy Uffculme Primary School 2019-20

Admissions policy Uffculme Primary School 2020-21

Admissions policy Uffculme School 2019-20

Admissions policy Uffculme School 2020-21

Complaints policy 2019

Charging and remissions policy 2017

Data Protection Policy 2018

Equality policy

Esafety 2018

Exclusions policy, 2017

Finance policy and procedures

Health and safety policy 

Safeguarding and child protection policy 2018-19

Supporting pupils with medical conditions policy 2017

Whistleblowing policy